The Benefits of Our Unifine Flour Mill: Enhancing the Quality of Your Baked Goods

At Living Sky Grains, our range of premium wheat flours are fluffy as white flour, and healthy as wheat. Sound too good to be true? We accomplish the unimaginable thanks to our own Unifine flour mill.

The cylindrical Unifine mill uses ultra-high-speed rotors to pulverize grains—bran and all—in a single pass. The process requires no use of water, keeps a cool temperature to reduce charring, and grinds the entire wheat berry down to the same fine particle size, preserving micronutrients and high fiber.

So, why isn’t the Unifine mill the industry standard? Because it became something of a “forgotten” technology. It was invented in the late 1940s, a time when customers believed that white flour was of higher quality than wheat. The result? Flour companies specializing in Unifine milled wheat bread went out of business for lack of market demand.

At Living Sky Grains, we’re proud to be among a vanguard of Unifine mills shifting the paradigm of what consumers think about wheat flour. Bake with Living Sky Grains Wheat Flour and let your taste buds convince your eyes how wrong they’ve been all this time.

For those who prefer wheat in its whole grain form, Living Sky Grains keeps some of our wheat berries out of our Unifine flour mill and offers this whole grain in various product sizes. Wheat berries are a delicious source of protein and fiber, offering all the healthy aspects of the wheat kernel. Similar in appearance to brown rice and easy to prepare, our wheat berries are harvested with care, keeping the most nutritious part of this whole grain ready for you.