At Living Sky Grains, we love our chickpeas. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are high in protein and fiber and provide excellent nutritional value. They are easy to store and cook, and are grown with regenerative properties on our farm.

Chickpeas-and the flour that they produce-are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are naturally gluten-free, cholesterol-free, low allergen, low sodium, and low fat. Chickpeas also contain phytochemicals, which may reduce cancers and diseases. They also have a low glycemic index for those who are concerned about diabetes. This legume can be stored indefinitely and easily cooked. Chickpeas are also used on the Living Sky Grains farm in Three Forks, MT to boost soil nitrogen naturally, supporting a broader biodiversity above and below ground. This supports our regenerative agriculture practices.

To create our chickpea flour, we use our own Unifine flour mill. The cylindrical Unifine mill uses ultra-high speed rotors to pulverize the chickpeas in a single pass. The process requires no use of water, keeps a cool temperature to reduce charring, and grinds the chickpeas down to the same fine particle size. This preserves micronutrients and high fiber and effectively produces chickpea flour.