Healthy Soil Equals Healthy Food

Learn more about how we run our Regenerative farm in Three Forks, MT & Serve Bozeman, MT

We believe healthy soil equals healthy food. That's why at Living Sky Grains, we use regenerative practices to provide you with the best grain. Relying on farming technology modelled on nature and years of knowledge, we can offer our consumers in Three Forks, Montana and beyond many different types of wheat. You won't regret purchasing the items produced on our sustainable farm.

Everyone should know what's in their food. At our regenerative farm, we're passionate about educating our buyers on our products. You'll be able to make informed decisions about what your family eats when you buy from us.

Purchase your items today through our online store or from one of our local grocery partners.

You can also order on this store and pick it up at our farm north of Three Forks MT and experience for yourself the care we put in every grain.

How we're making a difference

As a regenerative farm, we've distinguished ourselves and our products from the competition. We...

  • Work with nature to foster soil biology to feed our crops so that they have maximum nutrient density
  • Use no-till practices so that our soils store carbon from the atmosphere allowing to infiltrate and store more rain.
  • Grow a multitude of crops to increase biological diversity
  • Refuse to spray chemicals on any of our grain
  • Replenish our soil with natural fertilizers like compost and compost extracts

You and your family can use our grain products with confidence. Don't hesitate to visit our sustainable farm in Three Forks, MT. We can't wait to meet you.