Imagine you're standing in a wheat field on the Living Sky Grains farm in southwest Montana. The wheat heads are full and bobbing in the wind. A red tail hawk soars on an updraft. And, on the horizon, the Rocky Mountains surround you. This is how the earth looks the moment before it shares with us its bounty.

As family farmers, we are honored to stand between the sky above and the dirt below. Our job is to pack the earth's elements-sun, soil, water-into nutrient-rich capsules of wheat grain, chickpeas, canola seeds, and other grains. Then, we retain a maximum of that nutrition with our innovative flour-milling and oil-pressing technologies. We can do this thanks to a lifetime of experience in regenerative agriculture along with some old-school know-how from the Old World.


Enhance every recipe with the finest artisan flours and grains. Living Sky Grains products support your healthy lifestyle and bring new life to your meals with superior taste and nutrition. That's our promise!